Tuesday, March 24, 2015

EdCamp Evolution

When looking at my #EdCamp evolution in the five EdCamps that I have been to it is a simple axiom, discussions are the BEST!

I really enjoy the discussions during “sessions” because you can learn from everyone in the room.  We I am leading a session, I try and pose a question to get a discussion started.  I don’t want to be the center of attention and I want to learn in the session I am leading as well.  I know that I am no expert, but I know the people around me have more experience with the topic and I want to learn from them.

If I go to an EdCamp and find myself in a session in which I don’t like the way the discussion is going or some is presenting rather than leading, I get up and walk out.  That is the beauty of an EdCamp.  Vote with your feet and learn what you want to learn.  

There are even sometimes when the best session isn’t a session at all.  It is those conversations in the halls or on the ride to and from the EdCamp that “problems of the world” are solved. (Shout out to Mickie Mueller on that one!)  

Another part of my evolution I would say are the connections that I have made.  People I just know on Twitter and finally meet face-to-face or even those that you are meeting for the first time anywhere.  It is alway nice to be able to network with new people and expand my PLN.  There are even people you only know or call them by their Twitter “handle”.  (Toby Brown and Laura Kroll shout out there.)

A final thought: If you haven’t been to an EdCamp, why not?  It will be well worth your time, you will meet some really GREAT people, and you will come away energized.  As always, if you are in the Columbus, Nebraska area and I am going to an EdCamp, Omaha or Central Nebraska, I will drive!

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