Thursday, March 28, 2013

EdCampOmaha Recap

This past weekend I attended EdCampOmaha.  If you haven’t been to an EdCamp, you need to go.  I will most certainly be going back next March, and I will be attending EdCampCentralNE this fall!  I will also be pestering people to go with me as it is a great experience.  I WILL EVEN DRIVE!!!!!!!!!

First, a big THANK YOU to Josh Allen (@j_allen) and Krisina Peters (@mrskmpeters) for organizing EdCampOmaha.  It was truly a unique experience, and for me one that I will never forget and don’t want to, as it was full of learning and networking.

All started with a sign up on four white boards for sessions.  If you wanted to “present”, you are more of a moderator, you signed up for one of sixteen sessions.  Then it was time to participate.  PARTICIPATION is the name of the game!  Those that “present” are more moderator than presenter, someone to get the conversation going and keep it going.  I like the fact that if you don’t like the session you are in, get up and go to another one.  As I heard several times, “Vote with your feet”.  No one will be upset or get mad; it is your choice of where you want to be.

It was also fun getting to meet people that I know through twitter face-to-face, some for the first time.  The names are to numerous to mention, but you know who you are.  If I didn’t get to talk to you, I hope to see you at NETA or someplace else along the way.  Also getting to meet and start following new people on twitter.  There was a board that everyone wrote their “Twitter Handel” on so you knew who was there and who to follow if you didn’t already (not a complete list but close).  Most everyone, at least by the end of the day was following everyone else.

My point of this post is the following: GO TO AN EDCAMP!!!!!!!  It is FREE, and you will enjoy the day.  It isn’t like a regular conference you may attend.  You need to be flexible and spontaneous.  Get out of you comfort zone and take a chance you will have fun.   If I am going, remember this as well, I WILL DRIVE!!!!!

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