Friday, March 1, 2013


Coming up in a couple of weeks, March 23rd to be exact is a wonderfulf FREE professional development opportunity, EdCampOmaha.  This will be my first time at an EdCamp of any type, but from what I have heard, read, and seen it is a valuable learning experience.

The idea behind EdCamp is FREE, unscripted professional development.  It is in the form of an un-conference, sessions for the day are set that morning during the registration time.  No pre-planning on your part, just show up and decide what you want to go to.  It is just a conference of breakout sessions, no specific keynote session. 

This is exciting to me for several reasons.  I am usually a structured person, here are the sessions I want to go to and I will go to them.  This will make me think on my toes and take advantage of various opportunities for discussions that may arise.  Also, if I feel like “leading” a session I can.  The more you participate the more you will get out of it. 

Another reason is the networking that can be done in a short amount of time.  I will get to meet people I know from Twitter face to face for the first time.  I will also meet new people that I can add to my Twitter PLN and increase my knowledge and professional development opportunities.

If you are not able to go, you can follow along all day on Twitter.  If you are going to follow along on Twitter the hashtag will be #EdCampOmaha.  If you are interested in going or need more information see the EdCampOmaha website.  Registration is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow EdCampOmaha on Twitter: @EdCampOmaha

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  1. Also just found out there are door prizes. Some are coming from IdeaPaint, IPEVA, Kidblogdotorg, Voki, and others.