Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Integration vs Innovation

There is an interesting dichotomy in schools of what integration actually entails.  (I know it is early in the year and post to be throwing out the $10 words, but I just thought it was the right word for what I was wanting.)  There is an interesting TEDx talk by Richard Culatta that you only need to watch the first two minutes of the video and you will probably be able to name at least one person in your building or district that is doing what Richard Culatta is talking about.

We need more INNOVATION with the technology in our schools!  We need to be more TRANSFORMATIONAL with the technology as well!  We need to move WAAAAAAY beyond digitizing our curriculum.

How do we do this?  That is the Million Dollar Question!

I attended several session at ISTE this year that dealt with the Integration vs Innovation concept.  The thing that I have talked to teachers about with regards to this topic are several models of integration.  Each has its own flair and usefulness.  The three models are: SAMR, TPACK, and TIM.  I like the simplicity of the SAMR model with four levels of Integration/Innovation, as I will call it.  The TIM has a great matrix that allows a teacher/administrator to easily see where they are with regards to technology, not only themselves but their students uses.  The TPACK is the most complex and one that I am still learning more about.

I recently spoke with a couple of schools and challenged them, as a staff, to implement one of these models of Integration/Innovation.  I do the same to you.  Pick one of these models and  do a self-evaluation.  Are you just substituting/digitizing your material or are you innovating/transforming your classroom.  Change won’t happen overnight.  Raise yourself to the next level first and work your way up.  The next thing you know, you are transforming the learning of you students and being an Innovator.  Also don’t forget to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

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  1. Great post, Otis! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and the great resources too!