Thursday, August 8, 2013


This summer I came across a script in Google Docs that will set up all the folders for your classes and save you time.  The script is called gClassFolders.  When you run the script, it will take you through the entire process.  The only information that you need is the Student’s name and email address, class(es) they are in, period (optional, but for multiple sections), and your email.  Instead of typing in all the information yourself, all you would need to do is create a form that the students would fill out with all the information that they need.

When you run the script, it will create a shared folder between just you and the student that can be used as a “dropbox” for assignments.  It will also create two more folders that are shared between you and the entire class.  One folder is for sharing documents that are able to be edited by everyone, and the other folder for those that are “view only” documents.  It puts the folders in the teachers “Drive” and the students “Shared with Me”.  

This script will save you time in creating all the folders for all of your classes.  When combined with a form to gather the information you are needing, except your email address, you will save even more time.

You can find a video showing the setup process here.

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