Thursday, August 22, 2013


Continuing on the theme of Integration vs Innovation in this post as well as thoughts from ISTE13.  

I am going to start with a question that may be a little bit silly, but I am going to ask it anyway.  How many of you know about the NETS?  If you did or didn’t do you know there is a NETS-S, NETS-T, NETS-C, NETS-A, and NETS-CSE?  It is the ISTE version of standards.  They break it down into different levels: students (NETS-S), teachers (NETS-T), coaches (NETS-C), administrators (NETS-A), and computer science educators (NETS-CSE).  Downloadable PDF two-page synopsis of the NETS standards can be found on the ISTE website.  

The main reason I bring the standards up after the Integration vs Innovation post is actually pretty simple.  If the teachers don’t meet some standards and basic knowledge of technology, how can they be expected to innovate with technology in their classrooms.  The same works for students, administrators, coaches, and computer science educators.  If students don’t have a basic knowledge/standard of technology skills, how can they be expected to use the technology in the innovative ways their teachers are asking them to do their assignments.  Administrators also need a set of standards for technology to support and guide their schools.

I know that I am a little behind in some of the NETS-C standards.  I need to sit down and see where I rank and figure out an IPDP (Individualized Professional Development Plan) that will help me in the area that I am “weak” or “lacking”.  I am ever wanting to learn and improve my technology skills to better assist the schools that I serve.  This is going to be an honest self-reflection of my skills, unless I am honest with myself I cannot improve.  Until ALL teachers, coaches, and administrators do this on their own, how can they be innovative in the classroom and build their students skills and knowledge.

I have another challenge for teachers, coaches/integrationists, and administrators.  Where do you rank in your specific NETS?

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