Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Learn360 replaces PowerMedia Plus @ ESU7

PowerMedia Plus was not picked up by the statewide purchasing which includes ESU7. We are now subscribing to Learn360 which is very similar. 

You can now go to our SNAP catalog and login with that front page.

You can also get to the link from the ESU7 home page and look for ESU7 Services on the left and then SNAP Media Catalog.

Log in with your user number: found here
and password: school

We had to change passwords because the service no longer accepts characters like the &. If you do change your password, you will need to do that in both SNAP and in Learn360.

Once you are in SNAP, then you can enter a keyword search or click "I Want It All." From there you should see items listed that will allow you to go to Learn360. Click on that link and then you can search through Learn360.

Here is a link to a video about that talks about SNAP.

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