Friday, September 28, 2012


It is rolling around to be Parent/Teacher conference time again, you may have even had them by now.  Have you ever had that conversation on those nights with parents who didn’t know that their student had a test the next day in class?  They respond with he/she never brings his/her book home.  What if there was a way to let parents know, and remind students when a test, quiz, or big assignment is due?  There is, it is called Remind101.

Remind101 is a FREE site for teachers to set up a “calling list”.  You get to set up to ten classes, so you would be able to have one for each class or subject.  A reminder is sent by either text message or email to those that have signed up.  Parents and students sign up using a code that you give them once you have the class set up.  You will not even know the phone number or email address of those that sign up.  If parents or students want these reminders, they can sign-up and you don’t have to remember all the parents you need to send the reminders to and remember to put in all the email address it needs to be sent to, or have to get their email addresses and make sure you put them in correctly.

With Remind101 you can even schedule when a message goes out so you don’t have to remember to send it out a couple of days ahead of time.  So when you are doing your lesson plans and know when a test or big assignment is due, put it into Remind101, set the date that you want it to send out the reminder and it will send out your reminder on that date and time.  You won’t forget to sit down and send the reminder, because it has already been done.

I used this for parents and students.  You will see who is signed up and how they are going to receive the message, email or text by the icon next to their name.  They can sign up for one or both ways.   The thing you don’t see is their phone number or email address.  Parents loved this service, some students even signed up to remind themselves.  However, there were also students who didn’t like it, but that was their problem.

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