Friday, September 21, 2012

YouTube Channel

Everybody now a day has heard of YouTube. But did you know that you could have your own YouTube Channel?  Did you know that ESU7 Technology Integration has it’s own YouTube Channel?  It is true for both questions.  I will include the link to the ESU7 Channel at the end of this post. 

Why would anyone want a YouTube Channel for school use?  This is a wonderful question with an answer that will be just as wonderful. 

It is a place for you to store all the YouTube videos that you use in class in one place.  You won’t have to bookmark each separate one, or remember what you need to search for to get the exact video you are looking for.  You can create playlists that can be for each different class that you have, or even topic within a given class.

It is easy to set up; all you need is a Google account.  If you school has a GAFE accounts set up for you it is already done.  You will just use that account for your YouTube sign-in.  You will get to pick what your channel is called and the address for it.  Once you have made the URL for it, it cannot be changed, but you can change the name that people see for the title of the channel.  You can then add playlist, featured videos, and other channels to follow or subscribe to. 

This is a great way of having a site that your students can go to just one place to find the videos that you want them to watch.  Also, it is a place that you have for the videos that you use all the time in one place without having to remember where you bookmarked it, or what to search for.

The ESU7 YouTube channel is for just that, ESU7.  If you have a video that you think is good and could be used by others in the ESU, let me know and I will add it to a playlist.  This just isn’t my channel; it is ESU7’s channel.

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